Monday, February 10, 2014

Borderline Grafix

Better late than never!  A last minute entry for the OBRIGADO project.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Katerina Nikoltsou - Envelope/waterclour/rubber stampage

Katerina sent this from Greece. Arrived a bit late but welcome!

Friday, January 03, 2014

Phil Mead - Postcard

The prolific Phil Mead sent another collaged postcard from Hassocks.

FRWL - Envelope

FRWL from Crewe sent this painted/printed?  envelope.  

BecmKoh Dept - Envelope/collage/hand carved rubber stampage

Now this could either be Planer Kaluga or  BecmKoh Dept   ?  Not quite sure - but it's from Russia.

Ex Posto Facto - Envelope/fluxus bucks/hell notes

Ex Posto Facto ( Julie Jefferies ) sent these from the good ol'  U.S.A.  See her blog HERE>

Beth Barlow - Envelope

Beth from Cheshire hand delivered this envelope/collage.

Barry Wenden - Postcard

Barry sent this hand made postcard from Northampton. See more about Barry HERE.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Sophie Kelly - Envelope/collage

Sophie sent this collage all the way from Cheshire.

Inez Olude de Silva - Envelope/collage

Inez Olude sent this all the way from Belgium.

Pawel Petasz - Envelope/enclosures

Pawel from Elblag , Poland.  Stitched envelope with collage fold out.  More info HERE.

Cha Cha - Postcard

Cha Cha is from Cheshire UK.  I seem to have lost the other side which was on my desktop. I will have to go back and snap it again.

Shopping Trolley Gallery - Envelope

Martha from the Shopping Trolley Gallery sent this recycled envelope today.  See her website HERE>

A.1.Waste Paper Co. Ltd. - Postcard Plate

A1 Waste Paper from Rudheath eventually found his postcard thanks to Hazel who retrieved from the post office counter. They had slapped a £1-19p charge onto it but they had failed to notice the second stamp so didn't have to pay in the end.

CPR - Postcards

CPR from Knutsford sent these agit-prop postcards .

Hazel Jones - Envelope

Hazel sent this from Rudheath.  See her blogs at A1ScrapMetal and  101usesfora...

Friday, December 27, 2013

Sandra Bouguerch

Sandra from UK sent this today.

Maria Antonia - Cloth envelope/embroidery/enclosures

Maria sent his all the way from Brazil.

Dorian Marinho - Envelope/stickers

Dorian from Brazil sent these prints today.